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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about SleepTight Mouthpiece

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How do I use the STM?

  • Simply place the STM in your mouth
  • Close into the pre-fitted teeth imprints
  • Position your tongue forward into the airway opening. This positioning allows for gentle retention of the tongue to help open the airway and reduce snoring and help sleep apnea. If you wake up place the tongue back into the airway space unless you have some nasal obstruction.

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When will the snoring improve?

  • Usually the first night
  • For most people you will know the first night, if the snoring improves.

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How long does it take to get used to it?

  • Within a few nights
  • The adjustment phase obviously varies from person to person. Usually within a week or two most of the side effects have diminished or disappeared.

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How long will the STM last?

  • Six months to two years.
  • There are many factors that can affect the life expectancy of your STM such as teeth grinding and clenching while sleeping and other factors such as cleaning and maintenance.
  • Some people regularly purchase every six months and others who come back once every two years.

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How is the STM cleaned or stored?

Use a very soft toothbrush with a liquid antibacterial soap to remove any debris. Then rinse and store the STM dry in the provided ventilated case. Do not use tooth pastes as they contain abrasives which can damage the STM surface over time causing it to be more susceptible to staining. Keep the device away from pets as they often will chew the device and make it unusable.

Stain, Odor, Freshness and Hygiene A once a week complete cleaning of the STM is recommended. Soaking the appliance in one of the approved cleaning solutions can help with staining, freshness and kill harmful bacteria. Approved effervescent cleaning product include Smile Again (available online) and SnoreTek. Clinical studies have shown that these products improve appliance hygiene by killing bacteria commonly found on oral appliances.

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Will the mouthpiece cause gagging?

  • Rarely
  • Customers rarely mention gagging.
  • Wear the STM for a few minutes at a time until the body adjusts to having something in place.

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Why do I have extra saliva?

  • Saliva accumulation will decrease
  • The body initially interprets the mouthpiece as a food type material which requires saliva. This is common and dissipates over time
  • Wear the device during the day will often speed the process of adjustment.
  • Sucking on sugarless candy will also speed the adjustment as you unconsciously remove the temporary saliva increase.
  • Refit the device to improve the border seal. Pay particular attention to compression along the sides.
  • Temporary use of antihistamines taken at night will help reduce saliva flow till the body adjusts to the device. Many patients find using 25–50 mg of Benadryl (diphenhydramine) helpful during the initial wearing of an appliance due to the sedative effects of the antihistamine and the side effect of a dry mouth. There is an added benefit of easier nasal breathing for patients with allergies. Medical supervision is recommended for oral medication use.

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Can the STM be used with dentures?

  • Yes in some cases.
  • If the patient has partial dentures and some front teeth in both upper and lower jaws, the STM may work.
  • If the patient has a full denture in either jaw the STM will not work. You should consider a tongue retaining device such as the AveoTSD. Contact our technical department email: info@sleeptightmouthpiece.com for more advice

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How do I fit the STM?

Watch the fitting video:

or download the PDF instructions: here

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Why do I see a charge on my card for more than the trial amount?

This is a question that comes up occasionally with our customers. In order to prevent fraud, we authorize the full amount for our product to ensure our customer is capable of paying us if they like our product. Unfortunately, some credit card companies show these authorizations as charges.

Once the product is shipped, we capture only the trial amount. The remaining authorized amount will then be removed, this process can take around 7 days. After the trial period, we charge the remaining amount. We are using Stripe for our payments, you can read more about this process: here.

We apologize for any inconvenience you may have. We must protect ourselves as a merchant from fraud, which is common in e-commerce. In summary, all you were seeing on your statement was an authorization and not a captured charge.

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I am not based in the United States, how can I order STM ?

You can buy STM internationally: here.

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I didn’t get to try the mouthpiece until now, can I still return it after the trial period?

Unfortunately, we cannot process your request for a refund. Please review the terms and conditions on our website which you agreed to at the time of purchase.

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When will I receive my order?

Orders are sent out within 72-hours of the time they are placed. This excludes holidays and weekends. To see the current status of you order, go to the order status page.

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Can the STM be used any other way?

  • Yes
  • The FDA has cleared the SleepTight Mouthpiece for the treatment of snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea in adults. Other uses are considered “Off Label” and supervision by a medical or dental provider is recommended. The fitting process may be different for other applications.
    • CPAP: Its use in combination with CPAP or as a CPAP spare should supervised by your medical provider.
    • Teeth Clenching: The SleepTight may also be helpful with clenching, grinding and TMJ problems. This off label use should also be supervised by your dentist.
    • Athletic mouth guard: A professional dental fitting is recommended

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Can the STM be adjusted to be more effective and improve my snoring?

  • Yes
  • Solution: Refit “Tweak” the mouthpiece If not initially successful, most people can see an improvement in their snoring by simply tweaking the STM.
    • Refit the mouthpiece according to the initial instructions and move the jaw farther toward the front. You only want to do this as far as necessary to prevent jaw soreness. Note: the upward movement of the fitting handle. Never use a microwave to heat the water.
    • Usually you can refit the device 4-5 times. The material begins to stiffen after that and be less pliable.
    • Position your tongue forward into the front of the mouthpiece. You will note a gentle suction effect on the tongue as it is being held forward to keep the airway open and improve snoring and sleep apnea. This may be all that is necessary to improve your snoring.
    • To test effectiveness bite down and try to make a snoring sound. Then after fitting, try to make a snoring sound with the mouthpiece in place. Your sleep partner or sleep specialist will let you know for sure.
    • Sometimes the mouthpiece can be adjusted a little at a time for more improvement after as the jaw and bite adjust to the more forward position.

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What can I do about my dry mouth?

  • Use a mouth lubricant such as Biotene Spray
  • Solutions:
    • The good news is that the Sleep Tight is working to open the airway. But because the nasal passages are obstructed, the mouth dries out.
    • Treat the nasal obstruction and use a mouth lubricant until the obstruction is corrected.
    • If your nasal passages are clear, you can use a chin strap to keep the mouth closed until the mouth breathing habit is overcome.

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How can I keep my mouthpiece in because it falls out?

  • Refit the mouthpiece and compress both sides firmly.
  • This situation is rare with the STM because it offers a tighter fit. Clenching or tooth grinding may make the device fall out.
  • Solutions:
    • Make sure you sleep on your side. Gravity exerts a great effect on the tongue to block your airway with all devices even the dentist fabricated appliances.
    • Refit the mouthpiece and concentrate on compression of the softened material toward the gums and teeth with firm finger and tongue pressure.
    • Suck out all the saliva when the device is first inserted at night.
    • Chin Strap solution. If you can breathe freely through your nose, the combination of the STM and SnoreTek Chin Strap will hold the mouthpiece in place. Buy chin strap here.
    • Some users have reported that application of denture adhesive keeps the mouthpiece in place enough to improve snoring.
    • If the snoring does improve but does not stay in long enough, then consider investing in a laboratory fabricated customized mouthpiece.

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What can I do now, it used to work, but now I’m snoring again?

  • Refit the mouthpiece and compress the sides firmly. Clenching and grinding can stretch and loosen the mouthpiece. The STM was designed to be sturdy enough to resist some clenching. New factors restricting your breathing, such as weight gain, nasal blockage or other bad sleep habits could be making your snoring worse.
  • Solutions:
    • First try to refit the mouthpiece or buy another STM.
    • Upgrade to a lab custom device.

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Why do my jaw muscles ache or why does my bite seem different?

  • This, in most cases resolves on it’s on within a week or so. It is common during the adjustment period to experience some jaw discomfort. This is caused because the ligaments holding the jaw in placed become stretched during the night as the jaw is held forward to improve snoring.
  • Solutions:
    • Refit. If the problem persists, the jaw may be pushed too far forward. Refit and move the jaw partially back toward the normal bite location. The mouthpiece can be refitted up to 5 times. Always use the fitting handle and follow the original fitting directions.
    • Place the tongue into the breathing hole and refit less forward Positioning the tongue into the breathing hole, results in a gentle suction pressure. This tongue retention helps reduce the amount of jaw advancement required for snoring and breathing improvement, which in turn reduces the amount of jaw advancement (and soreness) required for snoring and apnea improvement.
    • If the snoring improves but the bite does not feel right, chew sugarless gum in the morning after removing the mouthpiece. This will help reset your bite.
    • After overnight use, you can also rest your chin into your palm with their arm on a desk top. Then allow the weight of your head to guide your jaw back into its usual position.
    • The Two device option: If you can get snoring improvement, you can fit a second STM device to your regular bite, just fit the second device to your normal bite and consciously do not advance the jaw. Remove and confirm. Then when you wake up, just put that second device in for a few minutes and you will get back to normal more easily.
    • Jaw pain on one side: When fitting, move the jaw straight forward uniformly. For example if the jaw hurts on the right you can try advancing in a way that the right side is not stretched as much as the left. This will help reduce the soreness. Practice before fitting to get an idea of how much to do. Allow the jaw to become comfortable again before the next fitting.
    • Some professionals say that the improved snoring or improved sleep apnea is well worth the minor jaw soreness.
    • If the jaw ache persists and or your snoring does not improve, discontinue use of the device and consult the prescribing medical or dental provider.

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Why is the STM rough?

  • Water was too hot during the fitting. If the water is overheated or not allowed to cool in a separate container, the overheated water can cause a stippled rough texture. In most cases you can adjust to this texture. However, the STM does lose some of its smoothness when put in hot water – even at the right temperature. Extreme overheating may result in an unusable device.
  • Solutions:
    • Do not use a microwave to heat the water since super heating can occur. If a microwave is the only heat source, place a wooden stirring stick inside the container during heating to prevent superheating the water. After the cooling period the water temperature is usually around 180 F.
    • Follow times exactly as stated in the directions and video:
    • Check the temperature of the device before fitting to assure that the device is not too hot

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Why is the STM so big?

  • The STM fits almost every user.
  • Solution:
    • Since the STM is moldable, it will fit in almost every situation including the very large and small mouths.
    • Check the size of the STM before fitting. If it extends past your back teeth, you can very carefully cut off the ends, which should allow it to accommodate your mouth. You can smooth the edges while the device is pliable.

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Why are my teeth sore or loose?

  • This usually passes in two weeks or less. This is caused from the pressure applied to the teeth while the jaw is being held forward. This situation is rare with the STM since it offers an improved customized fit and the jaw position is held forward by the side teeth too.
  • Solutions, if the condition does not improve gradually you can perform the following:
    • Refit the device to a position with the jaw less forward.
    • If the front teeth and gums are still sore, cover just those parts with multiple layers of aluminum foil and refit the device exactly the same way while using the fitting handle fully inserted. Remove the foil before use.
    • Make sure that the edges do not flop over during the softening of the mouthpiece in the hot water as this can place too much material on the front teeth.

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Why is there a hole where my front teeth fit?

  • No problem. This is not generally a concern as this is caused from the front teeth touching the fitting handle during the fitting process. This will not affect the performance of the device.

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Why is the airway small or mostly obstructed?

  • Refit
  • This occurs when the fitting handle is not fully inserted or inserted backwards during the fitting process and/ or the tongue is not used to push the material up against the palate and tissue behind the lower teeth. Refit and perform compression as suggested.
  • A new device may be necessary if the opening is closed or very small.

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How can I remove the fitting handler?

  • Rock the handle back and forth
  • This is an occasional problem. You can lubricate the handle with Vaseline and refit. If you are still not able to comfortably use the STM after following these tips, discontinue use and contact you dental or medical provider.

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What should the STM look like when properly fitted?

Please see the Following Pictures

  • Top View Outer and inner sides have been firmly compressed to fit the contour of your teeth and gums.
  • Front View Open front airway for tongue retention and smooth texture.
  • Inside View Open tongue space and compression along tongue side of teeth and gums. Keeping the fitting handle firmly seated during fitting keeps the airway space open.

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What is the return policy and return information?

Returns & Warranty
Obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
The return procedure is an automated process that you can perform from your own computer. All returns require a RMA number which is generated from your order id and the USPS Return Tracking Number which you supply.

  • You have 30 days from the ship date of your order to verify your satisfaction with the STM.
  • Most problems with the mouthpiece can be solved by simply reading our comprehensive FAQ. You will have to confirm you read this if you want to return your mouthpiece!
  • Your successful return of the mouthpiece will cancel the balance due after you trial period. The shipping and handling fees of the trial offer are not refundable.
  • You must obtain an RMA number from STM for our system to process your return request. Having an RMA number does not guarantee you a successful return, you must mail your product back before your trial period ends with your RMA number. As long as USPS has scanned your package before your return due date, your return should be processed. Therefore, you only need to send your return package back using First Class mail (this is the least expensive option and will save you money).
  • Follow these steps to return your STM
    1. Create a shipping label from the USPS and obtain a valid USPS tracking number (you must ship with the USPS so we can confirm your return status).
      • Note: you can buy and print the shipping label online by going directly to the USPS website or by using a PayPal account. Ship only via USPS to address below. Buyer is responsible for return shipping. No other return shipping method is approved.
      • Ship to:
        SleepTight Mouthpiece
        P.O. Box 551122
        Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33355
    2. Take your USPS tracking number and your STM Order ID (it was sent to you in an email when you purchased) and create an RMA on this page, then print out the RMA form.
    3. Mail all contents sent to you with your STM order along with the printed RMA paper and mail it before your trial period ends.

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Is there a way I can switch my card to another before the trial ends so I can charge the full payment on a secondary card? My first card is no longer in use.

Unfortunately, at this time you cannot use a second credit card for your order unless the initial credit card is declined. If there is a problem charging the first credit card you have provided to us, we will send you an email on the following Monday. That email will contain a link where you will be able to update your credit card to a different one to pay the remaining amount due.

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What is my order ID?

You can find your order ID on this page: here. It will be emailed to you.

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What is the status of my order?

You can find your order status on this page: here. You will need your order ID and the email you used at the time or order to find it.

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Is there a phone number I can call?

No. We are sorry but SleepTight Mouthpiece does not offer phone support at this time.

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How can I get more technical or professional information regarding the STM?

If you are interested in using the STM in your dental or medical practice, send an email to: info@sleeptightmouthpiece.com We generally reply in 2-5 business days.

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Does the STM contain latex or BPA?

NO. The STM is composed entirely of EVA, a material approved by the FDA for its use as a snoring and sleep apnea mouthpiece. The STM does not contain any latex or BPA.

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Where can I read a review of STM?

The following snoring mouthpiece review sites have reviewed SleepTight Mouthpiece:

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