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SnoreTek Chin Strap

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What is the SnoreTek Chin Strap?

The SnoreTek Anti Snoring Chin Strap is a soft comfortable adjustable fabric band which helps keep the mouth closed and prevents it from dropping back over the airway during sleep, which is the cause of snoring. 90 Day Risk Free Return Policy! See terms and Conditions for details.

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What is included with the Chin Strap?

  • One SnoreTek Anti-Snoring Chin Strap
  • Instructions
  • Handy mesh travel bag

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What is the warranty and return process?

Returns & Warranty
Obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) The return procedure is an automated process that you can perform from your own computer. All returns require a RMA number which is generated from your order id and the United States Postal System (USPS) NEW Return Tracking Number which you supply.

  • You have 90days from the ship date of your purchase date to verify your satisfaction with the SnoreTek product.
  • Most problems can be solved by simply reading our comprehensive FAQ. You will have to confirm you read this if you want to return!
  • You must obtain an RMA number from SnoreTek to allow our system to process your return request. Having an RMA number does not guarantee you a successful return because you must mail your product back before your trial period ends with your RMA number. Notifying us of “intent to return” does not satisfy the return requirement as we must receive the product within the 90-day warranty period with your RMA. The original included shipping and handling charges of $9.95 are not refundable.
  • Follow these steps to return your product.
    1. Create a shipping label from the USPS and obtain a valid USPS tracking number (you must ship with the USPS so we can confirm your return status).
      • Note: you can buy and print the shipping label online by going directly to the USPS website or by using a PayPal account. Ship only via USPS to address below. Buyer is responsible for return shipping. No other return shipping method is approved.
      • Ship to:
        P.O. Box 551122
        Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33355
    2. Take your USPS tracking number and your SnoreTek Order ID (it was sent to you in an email when you purchased) and create an RMA on this page, then print out the RMA form.
    3. Mail all contents sent to you with your original order along with the printed RMA paper and mail it before your trial period ends.

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How can the Chin Strap help me?

  • Prevents or reduces open mouth snoring and dry mouth sleeping. Open mouth snoring is very common. Use this simple innovative aid to retrain your sleep breathing from noisy open mouth snoring to quiet nasal breathing. Your sleep partner will love you for it. If you snore though your mouth, you probably have a dry mouth. The SnoreTek can help keep the mouth moist because the mouth will be closed during sleep.
  • Prevents or reduces CPAP bloating (aerophagia) Chin straps can be used in conjunction with a CPAP mask to help keep your mouth closed during use. CPAP users complain of stomach bloating and dry mouth as air is forced through the mouth instead of the nose. Keeping the mouth closed with the chin strap allows for nasal breathing and prevents air from being forced into the stomach. Consult with your medical provider for this use.

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How is the Chin Strap used?

Position the Chin Support Strap as shown above, under the chin and place the cutouts around the ears. Then fasten the adjustable Velcro straps in the most comfortable and effective position. To alter upward force, place the strap further forward on top of the head. It can be adjusted this way for increased tension and moved towards the back to reduce it. This simple positioning system helps to find the desired upward force with the optimum comfort. Washing before first use is recommended. The chin strap can be removed and used again and again without having to adjust it each time. It can be easily repositioned at any time if necessary. Note: This device will NOT be effective, if your nasal passages are blocked due to allergies, alcohol consumption, smoking, nasal infections, nasal structural abnormalities or other medications which restrict nasal breathing. You must be able to breathe through your nose. Clean the device by hand or machine washing.

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What should I expect with the Chin Strap?

Simple to use and Easy to fit The SnoreTek strap is affordable and long-lasting snoring solution. After a few nights of use most snorers report that they do not even notice wearing it. This device offers an instantaneous and non-invasive remedy for snorers particularly open mouth snorers. With its fully adjustable function it can be worn by almost anyone. The SnoreTek Chin Strap wraps around the chin and the top/back of the head to help keep the mouth closed during sleep. The SnoreTek device is easy to use, and is compact for travel or storage. The one-piece, two-strap design ensures comfort and will hold its position during sleep. The SnoreTek prevents the jaw from dropping back and closing the airway, the cause of snoring.

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What do I do if I still need help?

If you still need more help send your question to info@snoreTek.com

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